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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO


Remarketing is a smart advertising technology that allows you to show ads to customers who viewed your website first. It encourages customers to return by reminding and persuading with relevant advertisements. Remarketing Ads or “Reminders” ads ¬†are display based on their search patterns and past interactions with your website.

Why is Remarketing effective?

If a user clicks on any one of your remarketing advertisement to come back to your website, it means they are interested to interact with your site. The second time they know what to expect, so if the ads are not interactive, they will not click on your ad. A well-optimized remarketing campaign or advertisement can enhance your business.

Better Remarketing Campaigns with Alka Infotech Solutions

  • Show advertisement to the right users at the correct time.
  • Enhance sales and leads with a targeted remarketing strategy based on user behaviour
  • Optimize spending by targeting audience based on interests, categories and keywords.
  • Decrease “crawling factor” with frequency capping
  • Increase reach and impact by remarketing on Facebook, Google, and other networks.
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